Smart Green City

Intelligent Water Resource Management for Smart Citys

Smart Green City is a DaaS-solution to keep your city green without many sensors needed. Our fully spatial hydrological model keeps your water resource management in balance.

An intelligent combination of a multitude of spatial data from weather data, satellite data down to locally installed soil moisture sensors. Smart Green City covers the age and type of your trees, the landuse, current weather data and IoT soil moisture data and combines the data to a spatial overview about the soil moisture content in your city. By you gain information on the needed irrigation water, priorise your green keeping measures and easily adopt your plannings to local climate change.

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Solving the challenges of urban water resource management

Drought and torrential rainfall bring our urban green to its limits. Smart Green City is the solution that helps to overcome these problems.

Interactive Map

Determine where water is rare or identify regions that are too moist.

Water insights

Which tree needs irrigation water? Increase retention potential of the city.

Spatial model

Underlying fully spatial hydrological model for regions without in-situ sensor.

High resolution

Hyper-local soil moisture information for decision makers and inhabitants.

Easy reporting

Fully fledged reporting tool for decision makers to save your urban trees.

Additional moduls

Extend your Smart Green City by adding additional information layers.

Adapt to climate change

Incorporate climate models in your planning and keep your urban green at life.


Smart Green City is easily to integrate in your dashboard and planning workflow.

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